So, I had this index.html file all re-formatted and had updated
some of teh syntax and spelling of the posts (and clarified the
facebook one) way back when but did some more work on it before I uploaded it tonight.
I still need to do soo much; it takes lots of time
to get things exactly right. And I usually either do
stuff or idle on technological
websites trying to stay on the bleeding edge
when i have some spare time away from ‘work’.

Needless, after reading my friend
enemy thaine’s blog I needed a nice break from
trying to understand the fine intracacies of using blue ink over black and cursive over block lettering
when submitting applications to archaic business like schools that knowing
Precious created
a pretty darn sweet blog was a breathe of fresh air.

p.s. run on sentences that make no sense are bad for comprehension. i hope you get the gist.

6 thoughts on “Update

  1. Anonymous

    Does the upgrade really suit your style??? It doesn\’t really have the Hacker Tom feel anymore. 😦


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