and google indexing

So there is this ‘blogger’ SearchBar and blog webring bar at the top of this page. I could have chosen to get rid of it using a simple CSS hack, but I chose not to, thinking that it would actually work, and that the average user could search this page.

Well they can’t. At least not yet.

Cause google hasn’t indexed this blog yet. For instance, using the google search “AWESOME” returns 0 results, when it should return 100 million. So while we wait patiently for the google robot to spyder these pages, we have to be content in the fact that they will eventually get here, and the SearchBar will eventually work.

3 thoughts on “ and google indexing


    I can\’t wait for the search bar to work because I have SO MANY things I want to search this blog about. It\’s wealth of information can only be tamed by such a beast as Google itself.

  2. tmarthal

    LIES is a useful tool though. its gay that they had to make thier website an illuminati reference though.


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