marking evolution and intelligent design

In late July, BBC published an article about the process from which one species of butterfly can divert from another. The article’s main point is that two very-similar species of butterflies living in the same geographic area only mate with others of the same species based off of a small mutation which produced marks only distinguishable to butterflies of the same species.

“This has the effect of discouraging inter-species mating, thus encouraging genetic isolation and species divergence.”

Which has always been one of the aspects of that I always found difficult: how could one individual mutate/evolve and then pass its modified genetic information onto its predecessors? How would its predecessors know to only mate with other evolved species? This article and study is very insightful in shedding light into that, and could be (speculation) the divergence between how fish became snakes became lizards became ????.

Of course, I found that article from /. when it was posted a few weeks ago. Of course, with the typical slashdot discussion, people started talking about the news and events of today rather than staying on the topic of the article, and while President Bush hadn’t yet spoke out that should be taught in biology class, the discussion drifted over to Creationism’s successor.

I don’t want to ruin some of the discussion for people, but there seem to be a very intelligent minority over there, and one or two people often provide more succinct information in a paragraph or two about a topic than a media reported can with 5 pages of text. This post brings up ID, and amongst others, this post provides the clearest counter point about multi-animal ‘intelligent design’ done by the same ‘author’.

7 thoughts on “marking evolution and intelligent design


    As Morgan Freeman said March of the Penguins is a love story about penguins. Regardless of that comment it had nothing to do with evolution. It simply followed the life of a mating penguin over the course of a year. You can hypothesize about the origins of the penguin or their mating process but it was not mentioned in the movie.Also don\’t confuse Intellitent Design with a young earth Genesis literal translation believing Christian. They are not the same thing. Infact there are a great number of people, who believe in both ID and evolution. They are not contradicting terms.

  2. tommy

    just a quick XML note:until you learn how to ramble on and on for multiple pages, you should not use the LFP tag. this post pales in comparison to a real LFP.


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