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updated blog license

i know that i’m not a major player in the content creation business (I just know those kids in Japan are stealing my blogs, translating them, and calling them their own!!) but I put the license at the bottom here, the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. That’s what the Creative Commons tells me when I select Yes to “Allow commercial uses of your work?” and “Allow modifications of your work?”. So, all of you people re-mashing my sweet blog via your Pipes or Mashups, then feel free. =)

I also reduced the number of posts on the front page (soon my xmlrpc blogpost will have scrolled off) and added the archival links at the bottom. Enjoy.

CSS Templates and Blog Spam

So, I was perusing my other blog today and deleted a drug spam comment for the third or fourth time in as many days from one of the more recent posts. In this case, it was my friend Jake dancing in leotards… but the spam comments are always there, always posted on the top message.

Prior to this, the blog spammers, people that post either poker referrals, drug purchase links, ‘hot’ stocks, online diplomas [almost as bad as the USC DEN program!], or money making schemes all seem to never have posted on this ‘…’ blog. I used to think that it was because it had custom CSS that I use to display the pages, and that comment bots couldn’t figure out which link to click when they came to my page.

That can’t be the case now though; I think that more and more pennies/day workers are being paid to drive views to sites rather than bots. I have to say that is the case, I had 15 comments my museum post which is pretty crazy considering I get like 1 unique visitor a month here and almost no real traffic [maybe I should talk about the iphone too!?].

To fight this I’ve turned on the blogger captchas, but still allow anonymous posts. I’ve also upgraded to the new blogger, but I can’t tell any difference (other than the label/tag support [for which I didn’t add to my CSS? hrrm]). *shrug*